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The best of bali for families

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The tropical island of Bali is dubbed the island of the Gods for a good reason. Bali is blessed with beautiful landscapes, wonderful beaches, as well as many cultural activities to nourish your cultural senses. If you’re looking into places to visit during your family trip to Bali, below are some ideas for you to add on to your itinerary:

Pura Tanah Lot

Founded in the 16th century by a Javanese priest, Pura Tanah Lot represents one of the six cardinal temples in Bali that were built to honor the gods and goddesses of the ocean. This iconic temple is depicted in many postcards and imageries of Bali due to its incredibly scenic view and historic resemblance. The incredible rock formations backdropped against the temple and the ocean makes for a breathtaking view, especially during sunset.

This sacred temple is located in the Tabanan District, north of Seminyak. For the best views, plan your trip to arrive just before sunset. Also, in addition to the temple itself, you and the family can also catch the legendary Kecak Dance that is performed on the grounds right before sunset.

Sunset at Petitenget Beach

The sunsets in Bali are truly something of a spectacle to see. Take your kids and the family out on a stroll along Petitenget Beach and you’ll see what we mean! While you’re there, have a taste of the local food
stalls in the parking lot, or the many excellent restaurants right along the beachside. Additionally, you can also opt to enjoy the sunset on horseback. These trips typically take one or two hours to complete, so make sure to come a bit earlier so that you can time it just as the sun sets.

Dine at Warung Made

First established back in the late 1960s, Warung Made started out as a small food stall and has grown into one of the most iconic Balinese restaurants in Seminyak. You and the family can have a taste of the exquisite local dishes that Bali is widely known for. Additionally, Warung Made hosts all sorts of traditional Balinese dances in the evenings, making this the perfect place to watch and eat Balinese!

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